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Version 2.0 | Why You Should Travel | Filtraveler

Why you should travel.. May be you have already read articles or blogs about how traveling has changed one’s life. Apparently, those people who have already traveled can definitely relate to it through their first-hand experience. If I looked back at who and what kind of person I was, before I started to have a life of travel and living on my own, I would say, confidently that traveling has brought out a better version of myself. Here Are 8 Reasons Why You Should Travel | By Filtraveler You Become More Knowledgeable – Traveling is indeed learning. Traveling will teach you about...

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Who is Filtraveler?

Hi all. I’m Ryatt Lucero, the creator of this website – Filtraveler | Adventure Travel Blog. I have been traveling and living solo for over a year and I created this blog site to share my stories, travels, adventures and travel tips with my readers. Furthermore, I aim to inspire those who wish to venture off this kind of life – A life of travel. I’m not the traveler who quit his job to see the world nor the traveler who sold everything to have a life of travel. I consider myself as a “Take it slow” traveler who travels and lives one...

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How Did I Become Filtraveler? | Filtraveler

How Did I Become Filtraveler? I started to become Filtraveler at the age of 21. My life 5 years ago was all about having a hectic city life.  I started working at the age of 17 and have already handled several jobs. I was once a part-time ESL teacher, a charity worker, an entrepreneur, a Business Development Officer, a Marketing Executive, an HR Executive and the list goes on. I decided to work as early as possible as I wanted to be equipped with the skills which I believed would benefit me in the future. Yes, I was right...

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Why I Travel? | Filtraveler – Adventure Travel Blog

Why I Travel? I had been experiencing a serious case of wanderlust until I found a way to make traveling possible. I travel because I want to discover the world even more, see what the world has to offer and experience things which I have not experienced before, things which I can never experience back home THAT’S FOR SURE, ABSOLUTELY.  I travel to see things, I travel to do things, I travel to experience things, I travel to learn new things, I travel to discover myself even more which allows me to even discover my strengths and weaknesses which I...

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