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Khaosan Road: Bangkok’s Backpacker Central

It was in November 2015 when I first visited Thailand. Khaosan Road was the first place where I stayed at, and it was a great start to experience the colorful life of Bangkok. Some tourists love it whilst some hate it – love it or hate it, Khaosan Road is special on its own way. Khaosan Road Khaosan Road is the backpackers’ haven situated in the downtown Bangkok. This is where most tourists head to when they first touchdown at the airport. Cheap accommodations, cuisines from around the world, bouncing atmosphere, souvenir stores, amazing nightlife – Khaosan has almost everything. Read through...

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Bangkok: The Reason Why I Am Still on the Road

Bangkok: The Reason Why I Am Still on the Road November 17, 2015, I flew from Manila to Bangkok for a 4 day escape. All I wanted was to escape from the corporate world for a bit and gave myself a holiday. I was 21 at that time and it was my first solo travel abroad. Bangkok had always been on my bucket list as every time my relatives from the United States visited us in the Philippines, they would always talk about how crazy they were about Thai food – well, who wouldn’t be. I got my laptop,...

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Websites Every Traveler Should Know | Filtraveler Adventure Travel

Websites Every Traveler Should Know I have escaped the 7,107 islands of the Philippines, I have crossed borders in Indochina and have hopped from one country to another, and most of my trips, if not all, are all planned by me. From flight bookings, accommodations, excursions and all, I just believe that there is no better way to finally make that dream trip happen than to plan it on your own.  The Internet is just so powerful that it can give you access to almost everything, from tips, resources, guides and any information available – that in just one browsing, hooray! you...

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Filtraveler’s Guide to the Kingdom of Wonder | Cambodia Travel Guide

Cambodia | Filtraveler: Adventure Travel Cambodia is one of my all time favorite destinations, well having been based myself here for almost a year, says it all. It may still be a developing country and the progress can be so slow in coming; on the other hand, this country is filled with some of the friendliest and most genuine people I have ever met. Cambodia has a rich history, picturesque views, amazing people, unique flavours and amazing nightlife – one of the best places if you wish to soak yourself in cultural vibrancy. I have been living in Siem Reap – the gateway to Angkor...

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