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Elephant Volunteering in Mondulkiri, Cambodia

Elephant Volunteering I have been to Thailand and some other parts of Asia and these big elephant tours are no longer a stranger to me. As much as I would like to do it, I am kind of hesitant because of the way the tours are run or the way the programs seem to be done. Having been based myself in Asia for the last two years and having seen these unethical tours have made me become more aware and a more responsible traveler. I do not support nor fancy participating in these tours that hold activities that involve animal...

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Mondulkiri Elephants – Mondulkiri Elephant & Wildlife Sanctuary

Mondulkiri Elephants & Wildlife Sanctuary On the North Eastern part of Cambodia, close to the Vietnam border is Mondulkiri, a region less visited by tourists who can only think of Angkor Wat when visiting the Kingdom of Wonder. The province has a lot of attractions to offer to tourists: Dense forests, Cambodian jungles, plenty of waterfalls, indigenous villages, natural landscapes and of course, the warm hospitality of the locals Cambodia is known for. The region is a rising destination for nature, elephant & wildlife sanctuaries and eco-tourism projects. However, please be mindful when choosing a place to embark on a wildlife / elephant adventure....

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Horseback Riding Experience in Siem Reap, Cambodia

Horseback Riding The last time I sat on a horse was when I was 9 years old during our family trip to Baguio, Philippines. My memories about that experience are a little fuzzy now (Well, it has already been 14 years) but many thanks to the photos we kept from that trip, as they help remind me the memories of my childhood. NO HOUR OF LIFE spent in the saddle is WASTED Who would have thought that after 14 years, I would be able to do it again and this time, IN CAMBODIA! The early morning of September 24th, I came to The...

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Experienced: Bagan Archaeological Park in Myanmar

Bagan: An Adventure of a Lifetime Bagan (or Pagan as how Burmese say it) is one of the world’s spectacular Archaeological sites which spreads across a vast, dusty plain. It is the most popular attraction in Burma which rivals Cambodia’s Angkor Archaeological Park and Peru’s Macchu Picchu  –  minus the tourism crowds, minus the attention it deserves. Marco Polo who may have visited Bagan on his explorations before, described Bagan as one of the finest sights in the world. “They make one of the finest sights in the world, being exquisitely finished, splendid and costly. When illuminated by the sun they are...

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