12140718_1062298237144283_2684611804196183556_nI’m Filtraveler – Adventure Travel Blogger

At 21, I quit my job back home, decided to be on my own and started to enjoy the most freedom ever in my life. From a 4 day escape from the corporate world which became an extended holiday, I have since celebrated a life full of travels, adventures and explorations with no end date in sight. 

Four days, one week, one month, 6 months, one year . . . . . .

Here are the reasons why I finally decided to put my adventures and travels on record:

  • To share my explorations, discoveries and travel experiences which I believe will somehow inspire those who also want to explore and travel the world.
  • To show the world how traveling can change one’s life
  • To show everyone that traveling doesn’t have to be expensive, that you just have to make it work.

Some Background About Me

I’m Ryatt Lucero, a young Filipino professional who hails from one of the bustling and hustling cities in the Philippines. I come from a typical Filipino family, conservative, traditional and bound by values and religion. I had spent most of my life living with the rules and conditions until I decided to live solo and live my own rules. Learn more about me >>


I was experiencing a serious case of wanderlust until I found a way to make traveling possible. Read more >>

How Did I Become Filtraveler?

I started to become Filtraveler at the age of 21. My life 5 years ago was all about having a hectic city life until . . .  Read more >>