It was in November 2015 when I first visited Thailand. Khaosan Road was the first place where I stayed at, and it was a great start to experience the colorful life of Bangkok. Some tourists love it whilst some hate it – love it or hate it, Khaosan Road is special on its own way.

Khaosan Road

Khaosan Road is the backpackers’ haven situated in the downtown Bangkok. This is where most tourists head to when they first touchdown at the airport. Cheap accommodations, cuisines from around the world, bouncing atmosphere, souvenir stores, amazing nightlife – Khaosan has almost everything. Read through this blog post to have a glimpse of the infamous Khaosan Road – Bangkok’s main hub of tourism.

Khaosan Road


Khaosan Road

When I first landed in Bangkok back in 2015 and tried it out, I almost threw up. Now, snacking on these six-legged creatures is no longer a stranger to me.


How to get to Khaosan Road from: 

A. Suvarnabhumi Airport (Pronounced as Su-wa-na-bhum)

  • Via taxi – If you’re with some friends, it is ideal to just take a cab from the airport as it is more convenient and you can chip in. Make sure to demand for a taxi meter as some drivers tend to offer you ‘a fixed taxi fare’. It takes about 20 – 3o minutes and will cost you around TBH 300 or US$12.00 depending on the traffic.
  • Via Bangkok airport bus – It is ideal for solo travelers who are on budget. Take airport bus AE-2 (Banglamp route) which will take you to the end of Khaosan Road.This will cost you around TBH 150 or $5 USD and takes about an hour or so.

B. Don Mueang Airport 

  • Via Taxi – There are taxis available at the airport and you just need to follow the signs; otherwise, ask a staff at the airport. Again, make sure to ask for the taxi meter. It may cost you around TBH 200 or US$6.00
  • Via Bus – Take bus number #59 and get off at the Democracy Monument, and from there you can walk to Khaosan Road which is just a 3-5 minute walk. It will cost you around TBH 8 or 0.22 cents.

Stay on Khaosan Road if…

  • you want to experience a lively atmosphere and an amazing nightlife
  • you want to meet people who are also passionate about traveling and make friendships with them
  • you want to have a cheap accommodation
  • you want to have access to almost everything perhaps stores, restaurants and more
  • you are have special dietary requirements – vegetarian restaurants can be found anywhere
  • you love to shop souvenir items
  • you love to party

Don’t stay on Khaosan Road if..

  • you prefer to be in a more relaxed and quiet place as this place is full of pubs and is busy all day long
  • you prefer to stay at luxury hotels. Most high-end hotels are located in Central Bangkok a.k.a Sukhumvit area
  • you prefer to have access to Skytrain and major transport system – it takes some time to get to the nearest station and major shopping centers
  • you can’t stand the ‘dirty side’ of Bangkok – I know, you know what I mean

Khaosan Road Insights

  • Get rid of taking a cab or tuk tuk on Khaosan as you will just be ripped off. They will set an unbelievable price and some will even refuse to use the taxi meter. On the other hand, if you really need to get one, walk to the main road and get a cab there.
  • You can book an accommodation in advance but sometimes you just have to get there and find one. There are a lot of hostels and guesthouses on site.
  • Local Thai restaurants can be found on every corner; however, fast food restaurants are also present everywhere.
  • While Khaosan Road is not really the best place to shop at, you may want to get yourself some souvenir items. Learn how to haggle. Locals expect you to haggle, so it is really a needed skill.

Have you also been to Khaosan Road? What’s your experience like? Share it with us through leaving your comments on the post.