Websites Every Traveler Should Know

I have escaped the 7,107 islands of the Philippines, I have crossed borders in Indochina and have hopped from one country to another, and most of my trips, if not all, are all planned by me. From flight bookings, accommodations, excursions and all, I just believe that there is no better way to finally make that dream trip happen than to plan it on your own.  The Internet is just so powerful that it can give you access to almost everything, from tips, resources, guides and any information available – that in just one browsing, hooray! you can already have your instant travel plans.  If you are also passionate about traveling, this blog post may help you tremendously as I have listed down websites every traveler should know – websites that can help you optimize your trip, anywhere in the world.

Travel Websites For Travelers

Airfare/Flight Bookings

This great website helps you find any flight to any airport in the world. In just one click, all the flights and airports will be ready for you to check on. I personally use Skyscanner as it makes my flight search really handy. You can compare airfare prices and sort them out. You may also subscribe to their E-newsletter alert so you won’t miss great deals on flights!



Travel WebsitesAirfarewatchdog 

Just like Skyscanner, Airfarewatchdog also monitors airline ticket prices. Airfarewatchdog provides lots of cheap deals, and insider tips on how to find more. You can also sign up for their newsletter for great flight deals.


Travel websites
KAYAK is also a travel search engine where you can browse through hundreds of travel sites to help you find and book a flight, rental or hotel that suits your needs.




Accommodation/Hotel Bookings



Agoda /
Who wouldn’t know these two giant hotel websites for  hotel bookings? I’m into hotel marketing, so I definitely know them! Booking through these hotel booking sites is really easy and reliable. All you have to do, is to type the destination you are heading to, your budget and which type of accommodation you would like to stay at- hostel? guesthouse? 5 star hotel? They have got you covered! Moreover, what is good about booking through these sites is that you can check on authentic guests’ photos and reviews, so you really have the opportunity to investigate the hotel/hostel before you finally decide to make a booking.

 Travel websitesHostelWorld

If you are on a budget travel and not really into staying at luxury hotels, Hostelworld is for you. This website is home to the world’s greatest hostels where you can search and book more than 33,000 properties in over 170 countries, from anywhere.



Travel websitesTripadvisor

I know everybody knows about Tripadvisor – the world’s largest travel website. Travelers often visit this website to browse through hotels, reviews and travel-related content. This website offers advice to millions of travelers and provides a wide variety of travel choices and planning features with links to booking tools that check hundreds of websites to find the best hotel prices.


AirbnbTravel websites

This website is getting more and more popular and has been a big threat to many OTAs. Airbnb is a great alternative to hotel stays, be it for a short term or long term. So what is AIRBNB exactly? Airbnb allows you to stay at a host’s house/apartment/condo unit and the prices are often much cheaper than staying at a hotel room. Furthermore, it also allows you to get along with your host and get a sense how locals live –yes, living like a local!


CouchsurfingTravel websites

If you don’t really want to spend much on accommodation, then Couchsurfing can be just the right ticket for you. Not only will you save up for an accommodation, yes it’s totally free, but you will also get to know your hosts and make friendship with them. So how does it work? You register on the website and then find a host in a destination you are heading to. The hosts are just welcoming enough to let you in their house for free for several nights.


Planning Your Itinerary


Lonely PlanetTravel websites

Lonely Planet is the largest travel guide book publisher in the world and covers broad travel-related content. Their travel guide books can purchased from anywhere in the globe or if you want something more convenien, you can download Ebooks from their mobile app. Luxury travels, adventure travels, family travels and sorts – this website has everything to offer. There are also a lot of reviews written for places, cities, journeys and activities that help you plan your trip.

Travel websitesTripadvisor

Tripadvisor is one of the best sites if you are a traveler who almost always checks on reviews/photos before you decide whether you make a booking or not. In today’s world, reviews really matter. As they say, travelers believe in their fellow travelers. To be honest, I personally read reviews first before I decide to book or make a reservation. For sure you have noticed green stickers on restaurants or hotel doors with TripAdvisor logo on them. That basically means that they have been reviewed by many travelers on the TripAdvisor website.

Travel websitesBlogs

Blogs are a great source of inspiration, travel tips, guides and reviews. You can check what other travelers have done in a destination you are heading to. For example, this site Filtraveler: Adventure Travel focuses on adventure travels and the life of a traveler who left home at the age of 21, to be on his own and enjoy the most freedom ever in his life – that’s me, obviously. You can read more here.

There are just countless blogs that can give you all the information be it about luxury travel, budget travel, adventure travel or anything you can think of. These blogs are really helpful as you can browse through wonderful photographs (which can get you more impressed), travel stories (that can make you even more inspired), tips and reviews (which can save you time and money) and more.

Travel websitesWikitravel

Wikitravel is my favourite of all when it comes to planning my trip as it just has every information I need. From the history of a certain destination, accommodation, traveling costs, tips on things to do, this website just makes your planning extra handy. Wikitravel is a project to create a free, complete, up-to-date and reliable world-wide travel guides. The project is made possible through the collaboration of wikitravelers from around the globe.




Travel websites 

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Travel websitesNameheap 

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Note: This list will always be updated especially when I get to know more helpful travel websites. Do you know any sites that should be on this list? If yes, feel free to write it down on the comment section below.