How do I manage traveling and living one country at a time?

May be many of you are wondering how I sustain my life abroad and fund my travels. As I have mentioned in one of my posts, I consider myself as a “Take It Slow” traveler as I take each of my travels slowly since I love living the life abroad, fully immersing myself in the culture of the country I’m currently in and adapting to people’s ways of living – Are we considered expats too? Yes! How about citizens of the world? Possibly!

Traveling and Living One Country at a timeUnlike other travelers who quit their jobs back home or sold all their properties to see the world and become full-time travelers, “Take It Slow” travelers tend to have slower-paced travels. What do I mean by that? We travel and live abroad for an extended period of time and 6 months – 1 year will be the shortest period. Since we stay for quite a long time, we know many aspects about the country we live in. We know dirty information on the country, visas, traditions, customs, laws, tourist spots and travel guides – Yes, we become instant citizens. We can plan out your itinerary, and give you well-detailed guides. So where have I lived so far? Thailand and Cambodia plus short trips abroad! I will be moving out again soon!

So how do we fund our lives and travels abroad?

Many of you think that we are rich or have had enough savings so we embark on this kind of lifestyle. Yes, it is true. May be some of us are rich and have had decent savings to travel the world but the truth is, we also work. We find work out of travel and build a professional working resume. How is that possible? Take it slow travelers like me, find opportunity along the road to fund this kind of lifestyle. When there’s an opportunity, we grab it. We maximize every opportunity and make the most out of it. We may have juggling jobs but it is all part of the experience. I have met many travelers from the UK and the USA who have become English teachers just to support their explorations in Asia. Since they are Native English speakers,  it is absolutely easy for them to land a teaching job, though teaching is not really their profession. They may be committed to a 6-month contract, a year, or so, depending on how long they want to stay in the country they are in. FREEDOM! Some travelers also go look for either short-term or long-term volunteering opportunities which allow them to have a free accommodation, sometimes free food. Yes, traveling with a cause! Personally, I experienced working in an agency in Bangkok, in a China-based language center, in a large Thai company, at a Thai government school and in a non-profit organization. At the moment, I work online. There are several projects that I work on which of course, I get paid for. I might not be taking the steps on the corporate ladder which I could have been taking if I didn’t leave my corporate job at Harvard Business, but I’m happy with all the decisions I have made. When I quit my job and left home, I had already decided that this life would be the life I would be taking, that I must be ready with whatever consequences I would be facing. Do I have regrets? Absolutely, No. Why? Because there’s happiness and traveling has made me fall in love with the world and appreciate freedom even more! These are two of my  favourite quotes and I would love to share them with you.



Well, the concept of life for many of us is socially programmed to “Do the right thing”. That is to go to university, get a degree, get a job, get a master’s degree (sometimes),  get promoted, raise a family, take a loan, buy a house, a car and then retire. Many Filipinos are socially programmed to that “Do the right thing” concept. To be honest, I was also socially programmed to that, that after getting a degree, I would have a decent job, get promoted, raise a family and so on. But then, I was not happy during the first early stage. I earned a degree, had a decent job but I was feeling empty. I felt like I needed a change of environment and wanted to do more. Therefore, when I had my first solo travel overseas, got bitten by a “travel bug” and had a sudden dose of wanderlust,  I told myself that I would have a different concept and take a different path, something that I would be happy about, something that would make me feel complete. So what concept or path am I talking about? Traveling and living one country at a time. How about having my own family and having a stable life? Well, I will get into that. I’m just taking it slowly since I’m still on the road of my life. Everything changes. Our decisions in life, our beliefs and all. I’m just happy and contented as to where and what way of life I have now.

Traveling and Living One Country at a time

I hope this post is able to explain how I manage to travel and live one country at a time. There are so many ways to make traveling possible and you just have to make it happen.  If you have any questions, feel free to write your questions right down below.  And please don’t forget to subscribe to my blog. It’s for FREE. Don’t miss out receiving my monthly newsletter about travel tips, inspirations, deals and much more!

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