Hi all. I’m Ryatt Lucero, the creator of this website – Filtraveler | Adventure Travel Blog. I have been traveling and living solo for over a year and I created this blog site to share my stories, travels, adventures and travel tips with my readers. Furthermore, I aim to inspire those who wish to venture off this kind of life – A life of travel. I’m not the traveler who quit his job to see the world nor the traveler who sold everything to have a life of travel. I consider myself as a “Take it slow” traveler who travels and lives one country at a time. I take it slowly as I love living life abroad and adapting to different countries’ ways of living. So how do I fund my travels? Read more here: Traveling and Living One Country At A Time.

Growing up in Quezon City, Philippines, I never got to travel. Firstly, I wasn’t introduced to this kind of concept though I took my first solo travel overseas at the age of 21 which I already find pretty late. The first 5 years of my life centered on school and work. I was a part time student back then and was really focusing on both my work and studies. The concept of traveling for me back then was like only a dream if not ‘a once a year’ moment. May be it was not yet my priority at that time – I had regrets, actually. I could have traveled earlier!

Secondly, I come from a traditional Filipino family. Filipinos who were raised in the Philippines and even outside the country definitely know what it is like – the Filipino-way of upbringing. There are a lot of donts and what ifs. As much as I wanted to travel or even just have a short trip, my parents would always have hesitations and there would be donts and what ifs – the result? No, you can’t. I know they only cared and I understood it. Love you mom!

I had my first travel overseas in November 2015 and had mixed emotions. I was so stoked and a bit nervous as well since it was my first attempt at traveling solo. However, as soon as I arrived in Malaysia, I got hooked which got me even more as I headed over Thailandthe country which has taught me a lot of things!

I thought I would come back to the usual life which I had always been used to; however, I decided to venture a life of travel, a life living on my own. My four day escape was almost over and had to leave Thailand. I wanted to cry the night before my flight going back home.  It was hard for me to leave. Consequently, I didn’t take my flight back to the Philippines. Yes, I have escaped the Philippines. Since then, I have been traveling and living around, abroad. 

Who is Filtraveler? Who is Filtraveler? Who is Filtraveler? Who is Filtraveler?