Why you should travel..

May be you have already read articles or blogs about how traveling has changed one’s life. Apparently, those people who have already traveled can definitely relate to it through their first-hand experience. If I looked back at who and what kind of person I was, before I started to have a life of travel and living on my own, I would say, confidently that traveling has brought out a better version of myself.

Here Are 8 Reasons Why You Should Travel | By Filtraveler

  1. You Become More Knowledgeable – Traveling is indeed learning. Traveling will teach you about the world. You will learn about different cultures, history, facts, and you will learn from the people you will meet on the road. It gives us a better understanding about the world we live in and gives us a wider perspective on life. When you go back home, for sure you will be an instant storyteller – telling your adventures and misadventures, telling stories from around the world.
  2.  You Become More social – Through traveling, you learn to make friends out of strangers you just meet on the road. These strangers can be those you meet at the hostels or at the restaurants and these strangers can be your travel buddies or can be your friends for keeps. Looking back five or six years ago, I was kind of an introvert person and I almost always kept to myself. I preferred not to speak with anybody especially with people I knew nothing about. At present, I now smile at people I come across with (a lot of thanks to the Cambodian people!) and happily talk to them as if we have known each other for years!
  3. You Become More confident – You have traveled and experienced a lot. You have traveled around different countries, have crossed borders and have jumped from one continent to another. For sure, you have also experienced missing your flight, or have probably lost your wallet, or have probably found yourself in the most desperate situation, yet you have still managed to get through them. Don’t they make you feel confident? After all these experiences, you will become more confident about your ability, you will become more confident about yourself.
  4. You Become Creative – Did you know that traveling can also bring out the creativity in you? Yes, you heard that right. Sometimes we just need to think out of the box most especially when the situation calls for it. For instance, when you want to eat something and the prices are extremely expensive you tend to think of other alternatives. When the hostels/hotels or buses to your destinations are all booked, you think of a solution just to get by. These situations throughout your travels make you creative. 
  5. You Become More Adaptable – As you travel to different countries, you learn to adapt to different cultures. You will realize how different these cultures are from one another. For instance, when I was in Bangkok, it was really difficult to have a smooth communication with Thais as many of them couldn’t speak English. But after a few days of traveling around the country, I was able to adjust and came up with many ways to communicate with them. It doesn’t end to that as you will also experience delays, encounter people with attitude problems (absolutely) and some unexpected scenarios.
  6. You Become More Appreciative – Throughout your travels, you will meet people from all walks of life. You will know their stories, their life conditions and there will just be instances where you will realize how privileged and blessed you are. I can still remember that moment when I visited an orphanage in Cambodia. Most of the kids were living in a desperate condition, less privileged when it comes to healthcare, education and quality of life. For sure, you will also encounter this in one of your travels and you will just thank God for the kind of life you have.
  7. You Become Less Materialistic – This one can be the result of number 5. As you get exposed to the real world where poverty does exist and through your first-hand experience, you will learn how to filter your needs and wants. You will realize what really matters, that luxuries don’t matter. 
  8. You Become Happier – Traveling simply makes you happy.  Who would not be happy traveling in the first place? Seeing beautiful destinations, making friendships on the road, trying exciting new things and experiencing new cultures. Don’t they make you happy?

With these reasons stated above, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be traveling – be it a short trip or around the world trip. If you want to become a better version of yourself, simply, TRAVEL.

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