Why I Travel?

I had been experiencing a serious case of wanderlust until I found a way to make traveling possible. I travel because I want to discover the world even more, see what the world has to offer and experience things which I have not experienced before, things which I can never experience back home THAT’S FOR SURE, ABSOLUTELY. 

I travel to see things, I travel to do things, I travel to experience things, I travel to learn new things, I travel to discover myself even more which allows me to even discover my strengths and weaknesses which I never knew I had. I believe that traveling can change a person’s life, positively. Traveling has always been my heart’s desire and I just feel obliged to follow that desire. Well, I have always believed that traveling is the life I must take on. After exploring, traveling and living solo for over a year, I can feel that I’m a totally different person now, a much better person than I was before. There were things that I wasn’t used to do, but I can do them now. There was even a moment when I asked myself “How did I even overcome that?” or “How did I actually do that?” – until now I still ask myself every time I remember that moment (sounds memorable? Yes, it is). For me, traveling is not only about the destinations you go to, it’s also about the people you meet, the experiences you get, the things you learn and the achievements you unlock – Yes, the things you get as you embark on a life of travel. 

My family hasn’t clearly understood it yet why I do these things – obviously traveling and living on my own. In fact, I have been asked to just come back home and stay in the Philippines for good. My answer has always been the same, SOON. I can not give them an exact and a well-elaborated answer yet why ‘soon’ and why I chose to have this way of life. To be truly honest, I don’t really know what draws me to this kind of life – traveling and living solo, one country at a time. Soon, I will be able to explain them thoroughly why I chose to have THIS WAY OF LIFE – Yes, I see traveling as a way of life. 

What I Have to Say

On this blog site, I will describe the beautiful ins-and-outs of traveling around Southeast Asia (Yes, I love Asia!) I plan on fully immersing myself in different cultures in Asia before I jump into another continent. Also, I will discuss budget tips, off-the beaten path adventures, and sustainable travel ethics – Adventure travels!

I will pledge to be authentic and will do my best to be entertaining and insightful. Your feedback, comments, questions and concerns will be appreciated. Feel free to send me a line!

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