How Did I Become Filtraveler?

I started to become Filtraveler at the age of 21. My life 5 years ago was all about having a hectic city life.  I started working at the age of 17 and have already handled several jobs. I was once a part-time ESL teacher, a charity worker, an entrepreneur, a Business Development Officer, a Marketing Executive, an HR Executive and the list goes on. I decided to work as early as possible as I wanted to be equipped with the skills which I believed would benefit me in the future. Yes, I was right and it has helped a lot to where I am now and what I am now. I have always believed that investment in skills, knowledge and experiences will always be the best investment a person could ever have.

Three days just right after my graduation from the university, I already got a job offer from Harvard Business Publishing, an arm of Harvard Business School. The job responsibilities encompassed dealing with corporate managers from top corporations in the Philippines, arranging corporate meetings and working on some research projects. I must admit that it was a very challenging job and what made my corporate life even more challenging was the transportation back then which was really a disaster. I felt like my job was draining the life out of me, so I decided to take a leave from a hectic city life for four days.

November 17, 2015, I headed over Thailand which had always been on my destination list. I felt something which I had never felt before. I felt really excited and something inside of me was telling me ‘This is the life you’ve always wanted’. So, from a four day escape from the corporate world which became an extended holiday, until now, I’m still on the ride of my life – Enjoying a life full of adventures, travels and learning.

4 days which became a month, a year and still counting . . .  (Travelsaries? Definitely yes!)